If you have any questions, please see the FAQ questions below, or contact:

Q: What is it?
A: "Just Let Me Sing" is an online singing contest in the spirit of American Idol. The main difference is that instead of four judges deciding which contestants are heard, you get to hear everyone. Anyone age 13 and up can enter. There is no maximum age.

Q: Who are the sponsors?
A: Please read about our sponsors.

Q. When is it?
A. Currently, the deadline to submit your video is September 14th, 2011.
We sometimes have onsite audition events. Times and dates will be posted here on our site. Deadlines are subject to change at the discreation of Just Let Me Sing, LLC. Any changes will be posted on the site.

Q. How is a winner determined?
A. The public rates everyone. The contestants with the highest average ratings will move on to the next round. More contestants will be eliminated in each successive round. Ultimately there will be one contestant left and crowned the winner of "Just Let Me Sing". For more detail view our Official Rules.

Q. How often can I rate/vote?
A. Each user is allowed to rate each artist once per day.

Q. Are there limits to the amount of people who can vote?
A. Yes. Each household can only vote 4 times per day. Here is a full description of the voting system.

Q. Are there special rules for song parodies?
A. Yes. They need to be PG-13. No excessive profanity. We do not clip them to 30 seconds. We will just link to the full song on your YouTube channel. The winner of the parody genre will also receive a campaign to get their parody played on the radio. Instead of vocal quality, users are instructed to rate parodies based on entertainment value.

Q. Can I enter if I do not live in the U.S.A.? A. Yes. Since we are based in the U.S.A., most of our entries are from here. However, you can live anywhere in the world and enter our contest!

Q. How do I submit my video? A. You give us a YouTube link to your video when you fill out the singer registration form.

Q. Must the video show me singing?
A. Yes, we need full motion video of yourself singing. Still photos of yourself with singing as the audio track are not accepted (No slide shows). A wide range of artistic interpretation is fine, however. You do not need every second of the video to show you singing. A music video flashing to other scenes is fine.

Q. If I am signed to a record label can I still enter?
A. Yes. You probably want to let your label know you are entering, and most would be happy with the extra promotion you will get if you win. But there is no rule against entering if you are signed to a label.

Q. How do the rounds work after round 1? A. After round 1, every contestant who is selected to move forward in the competition will be asked to record a new video and upload it to our web site for the regional rounds. Those videos will then be rated by the public. The winners of those rounds will be asked to upload more videos. Each successive round will require a new video until an ultimate winner is determined. For more detail view our Official Rules.

Q. What are the prizes?
A. The prizes for Season 2 are still being determined. There prizes for Season 1 were as follows:
- A professional demo recording by The Record Shop recording studio in Hermitage, TN.
- A performance on BalconyTV Nashville. BalconyTV is a performance web site with over 10 million video views to date.
- A Virtual Radio Tour from CMC Promotions valued at over $5,000. The Virtual Radio Tour allows artists to promote their songs to radio stations across the country without the need to visit every station in person.
- An evaluation by PLC Records. PLC Records was named Music Row's Small Record Label of the Year in 2009.
[Genre Prizes]
- One prize will be given to the contestant who makes it furthest in the competition from each genre. The genre categories are Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Christian/Contemporary, and Other. The winner of each genre will receive a Virtual Radio Tour from CMC Promotions valued at over $5,000.

Q. Can I upload more than one video?
A. The competition is one entry per person.

Q. Can I change my video?
A. Yes, if you have an entry and want to upload a different one, that is fine. Email us though, so we know to expect it.

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. Yes, the minimum age is 13 years old by December 31st, 2011. There is no maximum age.

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Newport News, VA

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