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Top Artists


115,034 Lora Reynolds
Haverhill, MA
Age: 39
Genre: Pop
 Song in Video: Marry You
Original Artist: Bruno Mars
124,676 Lorena Almeida
Age: 26
Genre: Other
 Song in Video: On the floor-Ven a bailar
Original Artist: Jennifer Lopez
133,674 Walter Scott
South Africa
Age: 43
Genre: Christian
 Song in Video: Hallelujah
Original Artist: Lincoln Brewster
143,337 Shy Bentulan
Butuan City, Philippines
Age: 31
Genre: R&B
 Song in Video: Hold Against Me/ All The Lights
Original Artist: Britney Spears/ Kanye West ft. Rihanna
151,914 Jessica Warren
Fredericksburg, VA
Age: 29
Genre: Pop
 Song in Video: Lay It Down
Original Artist: Jaci Valesquez
161,336 Hanna Yi
Germantown, MD
Age: 28
Genre: Christian
 Song in Video: LOVE
Original Artist: Nat King Cole
171,288 Rachel Williams
Rochester Hills, MI
Age: 24
Genre: Other
 Song in Video: Bit by Bit
Original Artist: Rachel Williams
181,231 Daphne Ranjith
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Age: 33
Genre: Christian
 Song in Video: I Could Sing Of Your Love
Original Artist: Delirious
191,226 Dari Mahnic
Tampa, FL
Age: 43
Genre: Rock
 Song in Video: Harmony
Original Artist: Dari Mahnic
201,027 Patrick Santerre
Marysville, WA
Age: 32
Genre: Pop
 Song in Video: Don't Leave Seattle
Original Artist: Patrick Santerre