The Record Shop Nashville Logo The Record Shop is a full service, Nashville recording studio and production company. The Record Shop was founded with the concept of a studio that embraces the creative direction of their clients and offers them more than just a recording. Their team provides production, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, and various promotional services for independent and major label artists, in a variety of genres.

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CMC Music Promotions offers the most impressive and powerful way to get your music to the masses. Every band wants to be the next ALABAMA! Every aspiring artist wants to be the next GARTH BROOKS or FAITH HILL. ONE THING stands in the way of your dreams becoming a reality, getting your music to the people. RADIO airplay is the #1 way to reach a massive audience. CMC Promotions can connect you to over 5000 radio staitions instantly. Their staff offers 20 plus years of experience in traditional radio promotions. CMC's VIRTUAL RADIO TOUR is an opportunity for you to hand your single to radio while saving you millions of miles and millions of dollars. Imagine if you we're able to sit down and talk to every Radio Program Director in America and tell them about yourself and your new single.

Balcony TV Logo Founded in June 2006, BalconyTV is a leading daily online viral music show that features bands, musicians and other variety acts on balconies around the world. BalconyTV currently operates from over 16 locations including Dublin, London, Nashville and New York with more locations on the way. BalconyTV Nashville is operated by Giovanni of The Record Shop recording studio. The show is shot from the lofty heights of the Hard Rock Cafe, in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

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